"Waste in nature is our shared responsibility"

Tobias Weber-Andersen - Chairman of the Green Kayak association

The Green Kayak

The Green Kayak association is an environmental initiative, which aim is to reduce the amount of waste in bodies of water. Our main activity is to offer volunteers a free trip in our Green Kayaks, in return for the collecting of waste from water surfaces and sharing experiences from the kayak on social media with #greenkayak and #miljøkajakken.

The Green Kayak is highly effective for collecting waste from water bodies. The kayak is extremely flexible and can get close to areas that are otherwise hard to reach.

The Green Kayak is a double-sit-on-top kayak and with space for two persons. The kayak is very seaworthy and previous kayak experience is not necessary. When borrowing the Green Kayak there will be provided equipment for collecting waste and safety equipment too.

During 2017, more than 800 volunteers used the Green Kayak in Copenhagen and more than 3.5 tons of waste were collected from the harbor. Since then, the Green Kayak has opened in Aarhus and held a series of activities, focusing on the collection of waste from the nature and water areas.

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