"Waste in nature is our shared responsibility"

Tobias Weber-Andersen - Founder of GreenKayak

About Us

GreenKayak gives people an opportunity to act against ocean pollution in a fun way. We offer everyone to jump aboard a GreenKayak and paddle for free under two conditions:

  • Spend your time on the water collecting waste.
  • Share this experience on your social media using #GreenKayak.

We engage people at eye-level, connect them across generations and give them the feeling of being in the same boat around a good cause. We are building a global network of GreenKayaks to engage as many people as possible. Since 2017, thousands of volunteers have paddled GreenKayaks in the harbors, rivers, and lakes of five European countries, and collected more than 42 tons of trash. We also have a mobile fleet of 10 GreenKayaks that we use to do activations and events with school kids and other groups. Our GreenKayaks hold two people. They’re stable and safe – you don’t need any previous kayaking experience. We give you life jackets and all the other gear you need to paddle and pick up waste. GreenKayak is not the solution that will save the oceans from plastic pollution but GreenKayak is an amazing and very effective way to make citizens take local action, connect themselves and their friends to the ocean and have a dialogue about what it will take of all of us to battle plastic pollution in the sea. 

We also share our knowledge of grassroots engagement with institutions like the European Environmental Agency and other NGOs. Join us! Together, we paddle for the oceans!

Together, we paddle for the oceans!


We started to collect trash floating around the waters of Copenhagen during private tours. Tobias, a professional sea kayaking instructor, paddled around the canals with his groups and started to collect plastics and other trash. Soon he noticed that the next day there was trash all over again in the same places. Help was needed to counteract this problem and everyone should be able to participate. This is when the first GreenKayak was launched in Copenhagen in April 2017 (at that time named Miljøkajakken). The free offer was well perceived and pre-booked for months in advance.

During the first two seasons, roughly 3.000 volunteers collected 10 tons of primarily plastic waste in the canals of Copenhagen and at various beach clean-ups. We realized that there was an opportunity to do something not only for the environment in Denmark's capital. Many local aquatic environments around Europe and the world are polluted and people in Denmark saw this as a fun way of helping to clean. This is when we realized that we can make a change globally working together with local communities around other cities and countries.

After the 2018 season, Oke joined and we re-branded from Miljøkajakken to GreenKayak and decided to become a global movement. Since then we have grown fast. We expanded our operations from Denmark to four additional European countries growing our fleet from 3 to 58 GreenKayaks. The last two season have been our most successfull and we managed to activate a total of more than 22 thousand volunteers collecting more than 32 tons of mainly plastic waste from our waters.

We are excited for the new season 2021!

Our Vision

To engage as many people as possible to join the fight against ocean pollution and together do our share to free local environments from plastic pollution.

Our Mission

We are building a global network of GreenKayaks to offer everyone a way to act on behalf of the environment. We believe in educating on the issue of environmental pollution and encouraging people to take the learnings to their every-day.