Environmental award to GreenKayak.

Tobias Nyhedskategori

We received the Svend Auken Award!!

Link to video: press here

The Svend Auken award that, since 2009, has been awarded at the congress of the social democrats was yesterday given to GreenKayak. The award was signed by Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and handed over by the Environmental Minister Lea Wermelin. Thanks for the award – and thanks to all volunteers that used our GreenKayaks! Together, we collected more than 21 tons of trash from the water. This award is not only a shoulder clap for our work, it’s a recognition that the engagement of all the individuals that went hashtag#greenkayaking makes a difference. Starting with only one GreenKayak, we developed the NGO to 48 GreenKayaks at 24 locations in 5 European countries within the last year. Volunteers already paddled for the oceans in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Præstø, Bergen, Stockholm, Hamburg, Berlin and Dublin. The award is a big honor to us, and we are looking to expand our network of GreenKayaks to further countries and fight environmental pollution. We are currently looking for partnerships and funding to give even more people the opportunity to act – feel free to connect and message Oke Carstensen. hashtag#greenkayakhashtag#svendaukenhashtag#environmentalhashtag#fundinghashtag#engagementhashtag#partnerships