Launch of 10 GreenKayaks in Denmark!

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Yesterday, we launched our brand new GreenKayaks in Denmark. The first 10 double sit on top GreenKayaks are on their way to the hosts and can already be booked now! Find the GreenKayak closest to you:

Thanks to Carlsberg Danmark who we partnered up with and helped to make it possible for GreenKayak to become nationwide 🌎If you live in Funen, Jutland, or Zealand, there is soon a Green Kayak nearby 😊 Denmark is where it all started and we are stunned by the engagement of all volunteers that have joined forces so far. We are looking forward to what season 2019 will bring!

The launch event was a full success with lots of volunteers coming to Kayak Republic and together we collected 300 kg of waste in roughly two hours only!💥 Artist Lise Vestergaard turned the collected trash into fine trash art for the volunteers to take home.

Thanks to all of you who were there! The environment, its wildlife and us love you for it!

Together, we paddle for the oceans!