GreenKayak is an environmental initiative, who aims to reduce the amount of waste in our waters. We offer volunteers (like you) a free trip in our GreenKayaks, in return for the collecting waste from the water  and sharing this experience on social media with #greenkayak.

The GreenKayaks are double-sit-on-top kayaks and with space for two persons. The kayak is very stable and previous kayaking experience is not necessary. When borrowing a GreenKayak you will be provided all neccesary equipment for collecting waste.

Since 2017, several thousand volunteers used a GreenKayak and collected thousands of kilograms of waste. Starting with just 1 GreenKayak in 2017, the NGO grew to 3 kayaks in 2018. In 2019, we have expanded to 38 GreenKayaks placed in 10 different cities across 5 European countries and 10 GreenKayaks on a mobile fleet that is used for school classes, events and other arrangements.