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This is a self-service location – please carefully read the information below

The Café Sundet in Svanemøllen will hand out necessary documents and hand out the keys to access the kayaks and equipment.

Please go to: Café Sundet, Svaneknoppen 2, To receive access to the GreenKayak that is located at Lavuk. Svaneknoppen 7A (just across the street) 

Lavuk have 2 GreenKayaks. You can borrow a GreenKayak free of charge for up to two hours while you commit to collect waste on your trip and share your experiences on your social media using #greenkayak. When you finish your two hours waste collecting trip on the GreenKayak, bring back the trash to Lavuk, weight and register your catch.

Note: A booking is automatically for 2 (two) persons! One person must be at least 18 years of age and all volunteers need to be able to swim.

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At Lavuk you can paddle in one of their two GreenKayaks.

Please read this:

The Café Sundet in Svanemøllen will hand out necessary papers and the delivery of keys for kayaks and equipment. Address where to go is: Café Sundet, Svaneknoppen 2, 2100 København 

Lavuk is a school for people with special needs and difficulties. They have a sweet spot right down to the water at Svanemøllen, and have joined us in the fight against ocean pollution. Lavuk have teamed up with Café Sundet who will hand out keys to the shed where the kayaks and the equipment is located.

We are located at: Svaneknoppen 7 A, 2100 København

Get the keys and info at Café Sundet at: Svaneknoppen 2, 2100 København

Find us at Lavuk

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