Year 8 students create a flyer for GreenKayak

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Recently, we were approached by an English teacher from the Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium in Hamburg, who created a task around GreenKayak to raise awareness to the problem and attract attention to our initiative. Her year 8 students first analyzed a flyer about our environmental organization project in their textbooks, analyzed the structure and found phrases to use; then they received an article [] together with the task to design a flyer informing about GreenKayak for tourists, English speakers or Hamburg residents who don’t speak German.

Have a look at the attached PDF document and see the results of their work.
We are stoked to hear that the class enjoyed working on this task and think they did an amazing job!

It is amazing to see the participation of the younger generations on the issue of environmental pollution and encourage others to follow the lead of the 8T1 and their teacher Anne on engaging with meaningful projects for nature. Thanks!