You lovely people

Tobias Nyhedskategori

You lovely people who love nature and are giving the environment a helping hand. Thank you for using the Green Kayak it so diligently that we need to create more departments around the country. We are honoring you because without you we could not tell the good story about all the waste that is being collected. The Green Kayak is surrounded by positive vibes, everything speaks for you to use it: You can enjoy the city from the water, you can have fun with a good friend, you are moving your body while doing something good for the environment – and then it’s even FOR FREE.

Very soon we can reveal new locations from which you can use an Green Kayak from are places that also need to get a hand to remove waste from the surface of the water.

Did you know that you can support us with financial contributions? The donations help the association to continue development and dissemination.

All donations big and small are received with kisses. Thanks in advance. The environment loves you for it.

Bank / Danske Bank:
account number: 9570 12580452
IBAN: DK3530000012580452