for a sea without trash

GreenKayak works to reduce the amount of garbage floating in our coastal waters. The idea is simple – volunteers get free GreenKayak trips in return for collecting trash. GreenKayak also shares knowledge, and helps people of all ages get out on our beautiful oceans and take action.

trash collected since 2017


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Frank Jensen

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

“It's doing something good for the city”


"We are happy about the partnership with GreenKayak. GreenKayak combines action and fun with an important issue - environmental protection - and makes a visible contribution to making Hamburg cleaner."

- Jens Kerstan
Hamburg's Senator for the Environment


"Their project emphasizes that it's fun to participate and do something good for the environment too."

"In our view, the GreenKayak is a unique project that gives citizens a concrete opportunity to understand how easy it is to make a difference."

- Maria Amanda Beydin
Communications Officer


"I have seen cod caught in the Oresund, which has had a whole plastic cup in its stomach ..."

"We see that the GreenKayak returns with trash from the canals every single day."

- Thomas Kirk Sørensen
Programme Manager Ocean Conservation at - WWF Denmark

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