for a sea without trash

Get a free GreenKayak trip in return for collecting trash
🌊 Let 2021 be less dirty than 2020 🐟

Our kayaks are in the dock during winter and will relaunch in May (booking starts in April).

Together, we have collected:
of ocean waste

GreenKayak works to reduce the amount of garbage floating in our coastal waters. The idea is simple – get a free GreenKayak trip in return for collecting trash & sharing this on social media. GreenKayak also shares knowledge, and helps people of all ages get out on our beautiful oceans and take action.

  • Lars Fogh Mortensen

    European Environment Agency (EEA)

    “I am absolutely into GreenKayak who solves problems with plastic very concretely by borrowing kayaks for free to collect waste while paddling. I tried it myself and can highly recommend taking a tour. We mention GreenKayak as a good example of a local initiative in the EEA’s new report on plastics”

  • Thomas Kirk Sørensen

    Programme Manager Ocean Conservation, WWF Denmark

    “I have seen cod caught in the Oresund, which has had a whole plastic cup in its stomach …We see that the GreenKayak returns with trash from the canals every single day.”

  • Jens Kerstan

    Hamburg’s Senator for the Environment

    “We are happy about the partnership with GreenKayak. GreenKayak combines action and fun with an important issue – environmental protection – and makes a visible contribution to making Hamburg cleaner.”

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