for a sea without trash

The NGO GreenKayak is an environmental initiative aimed at reducing the amount of waste in aquatic environments - locally and globally - through knowledge sharing, dissemination, networking and interacting activities targeted at initiatives focusing on urban and natural areas with less trash.

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Frank Jensen

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen

“I think I do something
that's good for the city”


"The GreenKayak is one of the biggest successes in Kulturhavn365's 3 year history."

"The GreenKayak has put a spotlight on how to use the harbor in a different way."

- Nina Vindum Rasmussen
Communications Officer


"Their project emphasizes that it's fun to participate and do something good for the environment too."

"In our view, the GreenKayak is a unique project that gives citizens a concrete opportunity to understand how easy it is to make a difference."

- Maria Amanda Beydin
Communications Officer


"I have seen cod caught in the Oresund, which has had a whole plastic cup in its stomach ..."

"We see that the GreenKayak returns with trash from the canals every single day."

- Thomas Kirk Sørensen
Programme Manager Ocean Conservation at - WWF Denmark

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