frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

Do I have to share pictures of my experience on social media?Yes. Share and tag your pictures using #greenkayak and It is part of our concept that you can use a GreenKayak free of charge if you collect waste and share your experience on social media. Keep in mind that you help to influence your friends in a positive direction for the climate and nature. Share it for good karma!

What if I don’t find any trash on my tour?We have not yet seen that people have returned with an empty bucket, but if it happens to you, fantastic.

What clothes should I bring?

Check the weather forecast and get dressed so you stay warm. Remember that kayaking is a water sport, so you will probably get a little wet (mostly your pants). If in doubt, bring water proof clothes or a swimsuit.

Do I need to be able to swim?
Yes, it is important that every person in the GreenKayak is able to swim because you paddle on your own without a kayak instructor.

Why do I need insurance?
You must be insured because you are fully liable for any harm or damage caused by you or a third party during the period of your GreenKayak trip. Please, read the Terms & Conditions when booking. 

Do I need to have previous kayaking experience?
You don't need kayaking experience as the kayak is a Sit On Top kayak, and very stable. The kayak is a wide beginner kayak that you do not sit down in, but on top of. Easy.

What if the kayak capsizes?
We have not yet experienced a capsized kayak. If this happens to you, send us a picture and come pick up a beer at our office in Copenhagen! In the unlikely event of capsizing, swim to the shore. There are handles on the sides and in the front of the kayak which you can use as swimming assistance. If you are far from the shore try to climb the kayak again and try to make others aware of you.

How many people do fit in a GreenKayak?
A maximum of two people fit and are allowed in a GreenKayak.

Can I paddle by myself?
We advise you to find a mate to paddle with as the kayak is a little big to manoeuvre on your own. Tat said, it is still possible to paddle by yourself just make sure to sit more centred.

I am under the age of 18, can I use a GreenKayak?
Yes, BUT you must be accompanied by an adult who is responsible for you during your trip in the GreenKayak.

How do I cancel a booking?
After booking your GreenKayaking experience you receive an mail confirming the booking, there is a link in the bottom of the mail where you can cancel your booking.

Can I paddle with a larger group?
If you are interested in going on a guided GreenKayaking Tour with your group / company / friends please check our website for more information or contact us at for a quote.