Designing a new model of the GreenKayak

Tobias Uncategorized

Meet Edgaras, he helped us as a project-based intern on designing a new model of the GreenKayak, all the way from scratch. He holds a master’s degree in design and innovation at the Technical University Copenhagen and did a great job designing our future #greenkayak.

The new GreenKayak shall make the volunteers’ experience on the water even better, making it more comfortable and easier to collect trash, from places it never should have been ended up in the first place. We are now looking for a partner to support this project financially and hope to introduce the new GreenKayak over the next seasons to come.

Edgaras is now moving on looking for a full-time position in design and development of products and product service systems. We wish him the best for the future, and we are happy to recommend Edgaras to any company considering hiring him.

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