50 tons of trash.

Tobias Nyhedskategori

We have reached a milestone ! 50 tons of trash removed from the water!

The first item was removed in 2017 now we’re at more than 50 tons.

It is hard to grasp how much 50 tons of trash looks like, and keep in mind that what is collected from the GreenKayaks mostly are very small items like cigarette butts, plastic bags and single-use items.
Now imagine how much space 50 tons of these items takes… and again imagine that these 50 tons would still be floating in the water somewhere if it wasn’t for all those wonderful people who have spend a couple of hours in a GreenKayak!
We say #thankyouforgreenkayaking

We also owe a huge thanks to our amazing GreenKayak Hosts for hosting all the kayaks!

And of course a huge thanks to our partners, who support our NGO with the aim to fight ocean pollution Carlsberg Group, Umweltbehörde Hamburg, C WorldWide Asset ManagementLETZ SUSHIBergen og Omland Friluftsråd (BOF), and Biotherm.