Biotherm x GreenKayak 2025

Michael Artikelkategori

GreenKayak & Biotherm will be charting a course for cleaner oceans until 2025!

Pop the champagne because it’s official: GreenKayak and Biotherm have inked the deal that will have us paddling side by side until 2025! This isn’t just any partnership; it’s a game-changer in our quest for cleaner oceans.

We’re absolutely thrilled about still teaming up with Biotherm to make waves in the fight against ocean pollution. The synergy between Biotherm’s commitment to the ocean and GreenKayak’s passion for environmental conservation promises significant impacts that’ll ripple across the seas. We believe that by joining forces, our initiatives will gain momentum, amplifying our collective ability to make a real difference.

So here’s to this incredible partnership! GreenKayak and Biotherm, united by a shared vision for a healthier planet, are ready to roll up our sleeves, grab our paddles, and set sail on this incredible journey together.