EU-funded “EYES” project tool guide

Tobias Uncategorized

The Environmental Youth Education Squad (EYES) project aims to raise awareness amongst young people on critical environmental issues, particularly the pervasive plastic pollution plaguing our rivers and seas. With a keen eye on fostering knowledge exchange, we draw inspiration from countries renowned for their innovative approaches to environmental stewardship.

At the heart of the project lies the Digital Tool Guide, a tool to get inspiration, utilize, and apply for the participating organizations and other experts in the domains of youth, education, and the environment. The tool guide includes:

Best Practices: We were on a quest to unearth nine exemplary practices from across European countries, addressing the pressing issues of plastic pollution and water management head-on.

Awareness Tools: Armed with engaging tools and activities tailored for young audiences, we seek to raise awareness on vital topics like waste management and water pollution.

Inspire Action through Public Initiatives: Through creative public awareness initiatives—think street performances, exhibitions, and video campaigns—we aim to ignite a spark of change, rallying young people to become active participants in the fight against environmental degradation.

Feel free to download and share the tool guide!