GreenKayak launches 10 new kayaks in Sweden

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This summer, we will make it more accessible for swedes to paddle for the environment and launch 10 new GreenKayak’s in collaboration with Carlsberg Sweden. The GreenKayaks are placed at five new locations across Stockholm, Malmö, Göteborg, and Jönköping.

You might have seen the hashtag #PaddleForTheOceans – that is our movement where we encourage all water sports enthusiasts to collect trash from the water while paddling their kayaks, canoes, surfboards, SUPs or what else can be paddled. Today, we will add an addition to our #PaddleForTheOceans. You might have heard of #plogging – running and cleaning nature from trash – now we introduce #pladdling to our Swedish friends together with Carlsberg. #Pladdling is the same concept of collecting trash while being active just that you sit in one of our GreenKayaks.

Carlsberg Sweden is our partner for the 10 new GreenKayaks in Sweden. They partnered up with us to offer more swedes a tour in a GreenKayak, help raise the issue of sustainability, and reduce the amount of plastic and debris in our waters. We think that is probably the best…

You can find the GreenKayaks at the following locations:
2x Klara Strand Café and 2x Mälarpaviljongen
Göteborg: 2x Point 65 Kayak Center Göteborg
Malmö: 2x Kommendanthusets Kafé 
Jönköping: 2x Point 65 Kayak Center Jönköping

Find more information about the locations and booking on our homepage here.

Book your free trip on a GreenKayak this summer and help us make Sweden even cleaner. Don’t forget to share your experience on SoMe and tag us using #greenkayak and #pladdling!