GreenKayaks are cleaning the oceans with excellent results

Tobias Nyhedskategori

More than 30 tons. We are absolutely overwhelmed by the large amount of trash our GreenKayaks have removed from the waters. GreenKayaks are free to use as long as you spend your time picking up trash while using the GreenKayaks and thousands of people have already done so since the launch of the first GreenKayak in Copenhagen in 2017. We think that we are providing a fun and easy way to help fight the ocean pollution, and we are happy but also scared to know that 30 tons would still be floating in the oceans if it wasn’t picked up by all the amazing people who have been using our GreenKayak, it’s mostly plastics that people find in the water and that underlines the fact that the oceans and the creatures living there are suffering from our pollution.