Trash hunt

Trash Hunt with Eco Tree

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GreenKayak and Eco Tree spent a few hours joining forces to fight environmental pollution from a GreenKayak 

👋🏽 Meet Thomas N. Canguilhem he’s the co-founder of the amazing company EcoTree International that are maintaining wild forests where you can become an owner of trees, trees that grows in size and value for your benefit but surly also the planet and the air we breath.

GreenKayak are in love with the oceans and Eco Tree are with tre forests, but in common the oceans and trees are all absorbing the CO2 – and let’s be honest without trees or oceans we wouldn’t be here !

Our Trash Hunt went really well. At first Thomas said “hey it’s actually pretty clean” – but shortly after, he’d had to swallow his words. In no time we filled the bucket with 6 kilos of trash, take away coffee cups, candy paper, cigarette butts and other polluting objects. 

Our next guest on the Trash Hunt is Tine Kastrup-Misir Director of Communication at VisitCopenhagen